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Sue's passion and life's work is in supporting her clients in a unique fusion of 3d and 5d. These trusted tools will bring you explosive transformation. The combinations will not be found anywhere else because Sue has created her coaching style and her one of a kind C2C curricula based on her own experiences, education & walking her talk. This includes 1:1 and group coaching, research & development, 10+ years as an International Radio host interviewing thought leaders from all over the world, meditation, spiritual studies, energy facilitator, natural born intuitive & a lifestyle of exercise.

Her unique combination to bridge the 3d and 5d has changed hundreds of lives!  

What is it? These are relatable, usable real life practical self regulating and mindset hacks for real life


In this precious moment we can choose to be brave or we can choose to avoid (I say this with love), either choice will gain you wisdom. It is my passion and desire for you to step out of the old program that has you stuck, spinning out, with no answers to what to do next, and to one of genuine and authentic happiness, vitality, love, and new-found excitement for your life and your lifestyle!

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This will happen because you are the creator of your life. Now you have the coach and the tools to make life happen for you... ACT NOW!

Ready to reclaim your life?


I empower women who have lost their way, stop the abusive inner dialog, smash through the things that are holding them back, and reclaim their life. 


This is achieved by sustainable education with mindset & self-regulating tools to be used in real-time.


Through this proven work with me, they achieve intimacy on a whole new level, true love of self, vitality, safety, confidence from the inside out, and are able to foster healthy relationships and habits for generations to come.

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